Aignerhof Kirchberg

Bauernhof/ Ferienhof

Klaus Aigner
Reichertsried 32
94259 Kirchberg
Tel: +49 9927 8231
Mobil: 0
Fax: +49 9927 903421

Kinderfreundlicher Bauernhof

Aktuelle Angebote (ab einer Aufenthalsdauer von 7 Tagen)
In den Monaten März und November erhalten Sie außerhalb der Ferien 10% Nachlass auf alle genannten Preise sowie 3 kostenlose Besuche in unserer hauseigenen Sauna.
Genießen Sie Zeit zu zweit. Nach Rücksprache passen wir auch einmal auf Ihre Kinder auf, damit Sie auch etwas zu zweit unternehmen können.
Großeltern, die außerhalb der Ferienzeit mit Ihren Enkelkindern zu uns kommen, erhalten einen Besuch für 3 Std. im Ganzjahresbad Elypso, Deggendorf gratis.
Verlängerte Check-Out Zeiten auf Anfrage.

Our farm:
We are a child-friendly farm and are distinguished with 4 of 5 possible bears. You will have the choice between seven different vacation apartments. For relaxation we offer a comfortable lounge, sauna and fitness room, riding horses and a lot of animals to pet. On our farm, you can expect homemade products, recreation and play options for children and of course real country life with a lot of animals.
Enjoy sunshine and relax on our spacious balcony. Get to know our many animals: cows, pigs, cats, horses, chicken and rabbits. Experience the taste of real eggs, meat and fresh milk from our cows for breakfast.
Activities on the farm:

For our small guests, we have created our own tree house to play in. Furthermore, we also have a swing, climbing options, a tree swing and a large trampoline. Play in hay and spend the night in the play barn - the children enjoy this especially. Our indoor playground with another trampoline and carousel invites you to play even with rainy weather. Horseback riding on our horses is a lot of fun for children.
Available to you: a ping-pong table, a billiard table, foosball and a dart board for your recreational activities. Get really fit in our fitness room. There is also a treadmill, a bike, a "Stepmaster" and a "home-trainer". Or you can just relax in our sauna.
Agricultural/Grassland farm

7 vacation apartments up to 5 people with eat-in kitchen,
2 bedrooms, shower/WC, balcony, patio, central heating, radio, TV connection;
Price per day € 40 to € 50

1 double room, with balcony, shower/WC, central heating, lounge, radio/TV
Price night/breakfast € 16
Prices include bed sheets, towels and final cleaning. For a stay of less than five days, € 15 final cleaning will be due.

Holiday flat Arber

Größe/size: 140m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 6

Holiday flat Bayern

Größe/size: 85m²
Personen/persons: 3 – 4

Holiday flat Falkenstein

Größe/size: 110m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 4

Holiday flat Josef

Größe/size: 60m²
Personen/persons: 4 – 5

Holiday flat Kirchberg

Größe/size: 70m²
Personen/persons: 4 – 4

Holiday flat Klaus

Größe/size: 50m²
Personen/persons: 2 – 4

Holiday flat Lusen

Größe/size: 140m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 6

Holiday flat Michael

Größe/size: 60m²
Personen/persons: 4 – 4

Holiday flat Rachel

Größe/size: 140m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 6

Holiday flat Regen

Größe/size: 80m²
Personen/persons: 3 – 5

Holiday flat Reichertsried

Größe/size: 60m²
Personen/persons: 4 – 4