Overnight stays in paradise

Inhale the scent of fresh apples, pears or plums and enjoy the ripe fruits fresh from the tree - a unique holiday experience at the orchard. Children and adults cannot only enjoy their holidays, but also learn everything about the cultivation of fruit. During the harvest, every helping hand, no matter if grown-up or little, is always welcome. The many fruit trees of the orchard characterize the landscape and create a special atmosphere. Many orchards also put lots of love and effort into the production of their own schnaps and liquors - a delightful tasting pleasure! Apart from the orchard, many farms also host a petting zoo, provide a children's playground and offer innumerable leisure time activities. Our orchards are located in Upper Bavaria, Franconia, Allgäu and the Bavarian Forest.

Suggested Orchards

Sailerhof Gramminger
Taching am See - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Bernau am Chiemsee - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Gästehof Huber
Forstern - Munich and Vicinity - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
GenussHof Pingold
Gräfenberg - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
Samerberg - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Zum Zwergenschloss
Waischenfeld - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
am Peterhof
Grafenau - Bavarian Forest
Ferienwohnungen Riedmann
Gemünden - Spessart Forest-Main River Region - Franconia
Leutenbach - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
Iff's Ferienhof
Retzstadt - Franconian Wine Country - Franconia
Landhof Schielin
Lindau - Allgäu Westallgäu
Qualitätsgeprüfter LandUrlaub
Ferienwohnung Burkhardt
Gräfenberg - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
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