• Strahlende Sonnenschein in Bayern

Working Farm or Country Property?

Treat yourself to a time-out(side)

Spend your holidays in the Bavarian countryside and experience a special holiday leave: Farmstay holidays on a Blue Rooster working farm or on a Blue Rooster country property.

The newfound desire for countryliving: Farmholidays are the touristic sucess model in our fast-moving life! The Bavarian Farmholidays Association "Bauernhof- und Landurlaub Bayern" offers with more than 1200 holiday farms customized holidays for young and old animal and nature fans, and also for couples who are looking for a time-out from work, stress, pressure and everyday life. A close-up experience!

Different types of farms, e.g. horse riding, organic, fruit-growing, child friendly, spa & health or fishing farm, mountain huts and winemakers - More than 1200 holiday farms in Bavaria offer more than just classic farmholidays. On our website www.farm-holidays.com , you will find your perfect match for your favourite holiday leave.

Nowadays, not every farm is still a working farm. More and more guests fancy a holiday leave to the countryside, but nontheless desire rural luxury, spa treatment and intimate togetherness. This is why we do not only offer the classical farmholidays on a working farm but also holidays on idyllic country properties.



Working Farms

Spending your holidays on a working farm in Bavaria means you can get your hands dirty! You and your whole family can experience close-up how a farm is maintained. There you can look behind the scenes of modern or conventional or organic farming.

Share unforgettable experiences with your children when feeding the animals, milking the cows, or when helping with the harvest. Be there, when a calf is born, the fields are cultivated and the cheese is made.

Our working farm accommodations inculde B&B or self-catering accommodation like holiday flats and houses on the premises.

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Selected Working Farms

Hierlhof am Abend   Immenstadt - Bühl a. Alpsee
Immenstadt - Bühl a. Alpsee - Allgäu Oberallgäu - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
Schwimmbad   Sulzfeld
Sulzfeld - Hassberge Mountains - Franconia
3 x Holiday flat: F****
2 x Holiday flat: F*****
cimg1749a   Rimsting
Rimsting - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
2 x Holiday flat: F****
2 x Holiday flat: F*****

Country Properties

Country properties are wonderful farmhouses in stunning rural locations on former working farms. The agricultural character is still clearly visible, and the properties are a real insiders' tip for indulging in tranquility and comfort within a lush landscape. Your host family still upholds the ethos of Bavarian farmlife, living their commitment to tradition and local produce.

Your host family will happily explain the special characteristics of the region and its local delicacies.

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Selected Country Properties

zuschnittfrkatalog   Roding
Holzhaus Lugerhof
Roding - Upper Palatinate Forest - Bavarian Forest/Upper Palatinate
3 x Holiday flat: F*****
1 x Holiday flat: F****
Bichlerhof   Wertach
Wertach - Allgäu Oberallgäu - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
9 x Holiday flat: F*****
dorf   Wechingen
Hermanns Dorfidylle
Wechingen - Bavarian Swabia - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
1 x Holiday flat: F**
bergkristall_wohnen   Wertach
Wertach - Allgäu Oberallgäu - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
3 x Holiday flat: F*****
Butter-Pilze à la Augustinerhof   Schwangau
Schwangau - Allgäu Ostallgäu - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
Farm: P***
3 x Holiday flat: F****
1 x Holiday flat: F*****
5 x Holiday flat: F***
hausbild   Neualbenreuth
Neualbenreuth - Upper Palatinate Forest - Bavarian Forest/Upper Palatinate
Farm: P****
4 x Holiday flat: F***
4 x Holiday flat: F****
Ostansicht unseres Hofes   Soyen
Schellenberger Hof
Soyen - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Farm: P****
2 x Holiday flat: F****
k640_haus-1   Bolsterlang - Dietrichs
Landhof Schlachter
Bolsterlang - Dietrichs - Allgäu Oberallgäu - Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia
Redwitzer Gutshof   Redwitz
Redwitz - Upper Main River Valley - Coburg Region - Franconia