Bertelemühle Günzburg

Holiday Appartement

Kathrin Schleier
Wasserburger Weg 123
89312 Günzburg
Tel: +49 8221 5125
Mobil: 0
Fax: +49 8221 969773

Ihr Bio-Erlebnishof direkt in Günzburg

<b>Welcome to the Bertele mill!<br /></b>Our bio farm is located on the edge of Günzburg in an idyllic location. It is only a 15 minute walk to the market square (nice walk through the Günzburg city park with a lake and playground); <br />Legoland: 3 km. Large wild reserve (7 ha) with fallow deer directly on the farm. <br /><b>Goat milk area</b> (milking of goats possible), Galloway-pasture cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits and 2 donkey. <br />Own cheese dairy on the farm (cheese chow) and large farm store with home-made products (cheese, sausage, meat, oil, and a lot more). bread roll service. Every Thursday evening pizza and tarte flambee from a wooden oven, also fresh bread from the wood oven, cakes. <br /><br /><b>"House Resi": </b><b>2 vacation apartments, maximum 6 people: </b>2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom. 1 double bedroom. <br />Own garden and patio with grilling area directly by the river (swimming possible). Dogs are welcome. <br /><br />"<b>House Emil" : 2 vacation apartments for maximum of 5 people</b> with 2 separate bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, bathroom. <b>1 vacation apartment for 4 people, 1 apartment for 3 people </b><br /> <br /> <br /><b>The Schleier family is looking forward to your visit!<br /></b>

Holiday flat Haus Emil (1. Stock links)

Größe/size: 50m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 5

Holiday flat Haus Emil (1.Stock rechts)

Größe/size: 50m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 5

Holiday flat Haus Emil (2.Stock) links

Größe/size: 50m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 4

Mobile home pitch Wohnmobilstellplätze

Größe/size: 0m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 6