Permakulturhof Oberstixner Missen-Wilhams

Bauernhof/ Ferienhof

Matthias Dünser
Oberstixner 1a
87547 Missen-Wilhams
Tel: +49 8320 9258831
Mobil: +49 160 96915385

Organic farm close to nature to experience in the Allgäu

Wie Sie schon unserem Hofnamen entnehmen können: wir haben uns auf eine Abenteuerreise begeben. Entschieden, mithilfe der Permakultur so zu wirtschaften, dass das Ökosystem im Gleichgewicht und die Artenvielfalt erhalten bleiben kann. Wir, Helen und Matthias, unsere beiden Kinder Magdalena und Samuel, Oma Margret und Opa Erwin sowie unsere Cousine Karin lassen Sie gerne daran teilhaben.

We offer a bread service and farm products such as our organic honey, organic eggs and quail eggs.
We are happy to welcome you on the day of arrival from 15:00 h. Our cottages are available until 10:00 h on the day of departure.

Location & Size

Our farm is located five minutes from the climatic health resort Missen-Wilhams in the heart of the beautiful Allgäu. It is about ten minutes by car to the Großer Alpsee and Immenstadt, a good twenty minutes to Oberstaufen, Kempten can be reached in about half an hour, Lindau on Lake Constance is just under an hour away and Oberstdorf with its high alpine peaks about 40 minutes.

When you wake up in the morning in one of our vacation homes, you will be welcomed into the day by a bird concert in early summer. In the evening, at sunset, deer or hares venture out from the shelter of the forest, sometimes the cuckoo calls or a fox sneaks towards the chicken coop in search of food.

Our family manages the farm in the fourth generation - but its history goes back at least to the middle of the 18th century. In the meantime, it was continued by our grandparents, because Erwin moved to the Bregenz Forest because of love. Until his daughter Helen, the current young farmer and her husband returned and Erwin with his wife Margret from Bregenz also decided to come back home - to tackle a very special project together. Even the Bavarian Radio has already reported about our permaculture farm.

Our vacation homes are still originally furnished by our grandparents - with a lot of love and real handicraft. They are well equipped and have a nostalgic feel. Since we have a lot going on at the moment, we will gently renovate them bit by bit in the coming years. We also have a pitch for campers!

Farm experiences

Together we decided, as an extended family with four generations, and other helpers living with us, to change from a classic dairy farm to cattle farming. Our 15 or so Dexter cattle, mother cows, calves, oxen and bulls live happily on the pasture all summer and soon during the winter time in a new type of barn concept. About 20 mountain sheep also feel at home here, running ducks, chickens and quails, cats and our bees are also part of it.

We do not see ourselves as an adventure farm, but would like to show our guests how people and animals can live together in a way that does not harm nature. We are happy to show the farm, tell about permaculture - why, for example, we do not harvest our hay with heavy mowing equipment, water retention basins are indispensable and how we manage to get by without chemicals. The basic principle is: nothing should be lost in the cycle. Curious? We will be happy to explain and show you how it works.

Children are allowed to help, take care of the animals, once a week we bake bread and our famous "Stixner Fladen" together. Then it's off to the feathered cattle, who diligently lay eggs for us, or "moving fences" is on the agenda. Pure adventure! What else is there with us:

Sleeping in the hay (please bring your own sleeping bag!)

Playground with swing

revolving carousel

Table tennis and table bowling

Yard flea market

And a really nice, well equipped playroom

Farm store

"Taste the joy of the harvest and enjoy the loving refinement" - this is our guiding principle. The fact that our cattle eat meadow herbs, get valuable hay in winter and are slaughtered with little stress is something you can easily taste. The meat is then matured in a complex process - "dry aged" is not just lip service for us. Of course we also offer our own sausage, eggs from the farm, our honey, herbal salts, fruit vinegar, teas or a spruce tip spread.

Romance in winter 

Winter in the Allgäu: when there is really a lot of snow, our farm looks like a postcard idyll. Take long walks, put on your snowshoes (we have two pairs available for rent) - and then set off from the farm. Cross-country skiers hit the trails in Knottenried, 4 minutes away, skiers choose between small and manageable (Oberwillhams or Thalerhöhe), advanced skiers head to Oberstaufen or the high alpine Oberstdorf.

Highlights in the surroundings

No matter what time of year: our mountain world holds numerous peaks in store. More than 80 hiking kilometers, for example the Carl-Hirnbein-Erlebnisweg are available. We definitely recommend our nearby moors: the Tuffenmoos near Wiederhofen, which you can reach on foot in a good hour from the farm. A wonderful place to stop for a bite to eat on the way back is the Pfarralpe - with panoramic views of the Oberstdorf mountains, the Nagelfluhkette and the Alpsee.

Leisure tips: Our top 3 around the permaculture farm Oberstixner.

For families: Allgäu Mountain Farm Museum in Diepolz

For those interested in culture: Big Box in Kempten

For hikers: World Cup hut Ofterschwang

Holiday flat Ferienwohnung im Hofgebäude

Größe/size: 66m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 5

Vacation apartment in the courtyard building (up to 2 adults and 3 children) 66m2
Our vacation apartment is located on the 1st floor in the farm building and is accessible at ground level from our barn. The furnishings are also handmade from solid spruce wood. A double room with 24 m2 directly next to the apartment can be booked additionally.
- A kitchen-living room, dining area with upholstered corner bench and chairs.
- Kitchen with dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, toaster and oven
- Master bedroom with seating
- bed linen
- Sat TV

Shared accommodation Gruppen Hütte

Größe/size: 0m²
Personen/persons: 2 – 14

Our hut at the Bächle is stand-alone and about 300 m away from the farm building. It is especially suitable for groups because of the large lounge.
- Ground floor: lounge with 2 tables, large upholstered corner bench, chairs and a sofa.
- Ground floor: kitchen with dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle and oven
- ground floor: 2 washrooms, 2 showers, 1 WC
- upper floor: 1 double room, 1 room with 2 beds, 1 room with 4 beds, 1 room with 6 beds, 1 WC
- Sat TV

Holiday house Stadl

Größe/size: 45m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 4

Unser Häuschen liegen neben dem Hofgebäude und dem Spielplatz. Sie verfügen alle über einen eigenen Eingang und bestehen teilweise aus bäuerlich antiken Möbeln. Auf der Südseite steht Ihnen Balkon oder Trasse zur alleinigen Nutzung zur Verfügung.

Holiday house Waldblick

Größe/size: 50m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 6

Our Waldblick is located next to the farm building and the Kleiner Waldfrieden in a quiet location directly on the edge of the forest. The interior has been built from solid spruce wood in own handwork by "Grandpa Sepp". On the south side there is a terrace for your sole use.
- A kitchen-living room, dining area with upholstered corner bench and chairs
- Kitchen with coffee machine, kettle, toaster and oven
- Master bedroom with sofa
- bed linen
- Sat TV

Holiday house Waldfrieden

Größe/size: 44m²
Personen/persons: 1 – 4

Unser Häuschen liegen neben dem Hofgebäude und dem Spielplatz. Sie verfügen alle über einen eigenen Eingang und bestehen teilweise aus bäuerlich antiken Möbeln. Auf der Südseite steht Ihnen Balkon oder Trasse zur alleinigen Nutzung zur Verfügung.