Family Farm

Joyfully busy children have relaxed parents!

Farm-stay holidays is a world to touch and participate and offers you and your children a colourful and varied holiday program. Enjoy tranquility and recovery while your children play safely and discover life on the farm. The little guests can pet, feed and care for bunnies, kittens, sheep, goats, ponies and many other animals. Not rarely, friends for life are made here. Fetching the eggs from the chicken house, helping in the stables, with the harvest or milking the cows is exciting for young and old.

The most beautiful days of the year come to a wonderful end in the evening: At the BBQ ar the campfire. Listen to the farmer, telling an ecxiting farmhouse story while your bread on a stick becomes ready to eat!

Suggested Family Farms

Beim Hölzl
Lenggries - Tölzer Land - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Ferienhof Hochthanner
Weidenbach - Franconia's Lake Region - Franconia
Ferienhof Mangold
Weiler im Allgäu - Allgäu Westallgäu
Ferienhof Mader
Buchenberg - Ahegg - Allgäu Oberallgäu
Allgäuer Ferienhof
Fischen im Allgäu - Allgäu Oberallgäu
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Winklerhof in Lauterbach
Rohrdorf - Lauterbach - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Ferienhof Rohrer
Bergen - Franconia's Lake Region - Franconia
Staller Ferienhof
Seeon - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Berg- und Kinderbauernhof Hagspiel
Waltenhofen - Niedersonthofen - Allgäu Oberallgäu
Qualitätsgeprüfter LandUrlaub
Winzerbauernhof Felbinger
Markt Nordheim - Steigerwald Forest - Franconia
Rimsting - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
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