Franconian Magic

Franconia combines cultural diversity, architecture and historical heritage to one appealing Ensemble to please your senses.

Beautiful castles adorn the cities, medieval fortresses tower over the valleys, the UNESCO world heritage of the old town of the city of Bamberg, the famous opera house of the city of Bayreuth and the residence of the city of Würzburg are just some of the innumerable highlights of the region. The Limes is also part of the world heritage.

Winding rock mazes, mysterious swamps, flowstone caves, ample forests and fossilized treasures in the lime stone all combine to a splendid setting and fascinating highlight for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers. Franconia's nature provides you with vitality and health: The treasures of nature - among them thermal springs and radon galleries - are supplied as a bundle by the franconian SPA towns.

This diversity can also be found in Franconia's cuisine: Franconian wine and beer, fresh fish and deer specialties and the affectionate hospitality. The best way to experience Franconian culinary delights are guided tours including wine and beer tasting or the specialty weeks in Franconian restaurants.

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Suggested Getaways in Franconia

Schmidts Ferienhof
Ostheim /Rhön - Rhön - Franconia
Ferienhof Endres
Wiesenttal - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
Ferienhof Petzold
Kirchenlamitz - Fichtelgebirge Mountain Range - Franconia
Das Landhaus
Mainleus Veitlahm - Nature Park Franconian Forest - Franconia
Insingen - Romantic Franconia - Franconia
Ferienhof Schricker
Marktleuthen - Fichtelgebirge Mountain Range - Franconia
Ferienbauernhof Eisner
Colmberg - Romantic Franconia - Franconia
Ferienhof Buchberger
Beilngries - Altmühltal Nature Park - Franconia
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Ferienhof Täuber
Zell - Fichtelgebirge Mountain Range - Franconia
Landhof-Ferienwohnung Gold
Waischenfeld - Frankonian Switzerland - Franconia
Qualitätsgeprüfter LandUrlaub
Simmershofen - Romantic Franconia - Franconia
Ferienhof Stark
Kelheimwinzer - Altmühltal Nature Park - Franconia
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