Holiday Farms with just one flat

Holiday Farms with just one flat

Privacy and tranquility guaranteed!

A holiday flat on the country is just right for everybody who wants to enjoy the unique experience of a farm holiday, but at the same time needs lots of space and tranquility. Holiday farms in bavaria offer flats in different sizes and price categories. Here, families and couples, but also senior citizens and singles find everthing they desire: Beautiful nature, various leisure time and cultural activities and of course a high recreational value.

Your would like to spend your holidays undisturbed? Your like to be alone with your family or your partner? Then our holiday farms with just one flat are just right for you!

Suggested Getaways with just one flat

Ferienhof Gast
Waltenhofen - Niedersonthofen - Allgäu Oberallgäu
Ferienhof Linder
Halblech - Allgäu Ostallgäu
Samerberg - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Warngau - Lake Tegernsee and Schliersee - Upper Bavaria
Qualitätsgeprüfter UrlaubsBauernhof
Conni's Biobauernhof
Seeg - Allgäu Ostallgäu
Bernbeuren - Pfaffenwinkel - Upper Bavaria
Ferienhof Hödl
Rinchnach - Bavarian Forest
Ferienhof Loibl
Rinchnach - Bavarian Forest
Panorama Ferienwohnung Hinterland
Hergensweiler - Allgäu Westallgäu
Ferienhof Rimmel
Weitnau - Kleinweiler - Allgäu Oberallgäu
Qualitätsgeprüfter LandUrlaub
Markt Wald - Allgäu Unterallgäu
Schnaitsee - Lake Chiemsee - Upper Bavaria
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